Does it really matter if your PC boots in 1 second?

Honestly, no. The reason I bring this up is after reading an article over at ZD-NET Hardware 2.0 about developers getting a highly customized and optimized Linux environment to boot in 1 second.

Many people see a demo like this and assume there are ’smoke and mirrors’ or that we’ve implemented a suspend to disk solution. This is genuinely a cold boot including UBoot (2009-01), Linux kernel (2.6.31-rc7) and Qt Embedded Open Source 4.6.2. We’ve not applied any specific intellectual property but instead spent time analysing where boot delays are coming from and simply optimising them away.

Learn more here 

If that’s all you do every morning when you start your computer, use a stop watch to time how fast it boots up, then, you seriously have issues. The average majority of users don’t care. First of all, most employees leave their PC’s on locked at work throughout the week, so all they do is simply log in the next morning.

If you are using a laptop, you most likely put it in low power mode such as sleep or hibernation. Even if you had to boot up your Windows PC, the 20 to 30 seconds will not be the end of the world. You usually go to work, turn the PC on, go chat and gossip with co-workers, get coffee or breakfast, read the newspaper, by the time you log in, your desktop is ready and you can go do your mundane every task.

The Open Source and Linux community needs to know that there is more to a computer than booting it really fast, user experience, applications, application and hardware compatibility are key too, so far it has failed on these fronts.


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2 responses to “Does it really matter if your PC boots in 1 second?

  1. YES! it matters so much! I care. i care.

  2. Me

    It matters for some people who need to open and close computer often and have information easily accesible. The problem is, computers that take longer to boot usually also take longer in many other tasks.

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