Windows 7 running on 300 million PC’s

Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet blog All About Microsoft reports that Microsoft announced that Windows 7 is now running on 300 million PC’s. Here are some details:

Microsoft has sold 300 million copies of Windows 7 to date, officials said on January 27, the day the company is reporting its Q2 FY11 earnings.

That’s up from the 240 million figure we last heard in October 2010.

Microsoft execs also said that Windows 7 is now on 20 percent of all Internet-connected PCs.

Learn more here

Its a testament to how well Windows 7 has resonated with businesses and consumers world wide. As more persons and businesses continue to retire and upgrade older Windows XP systems, Windows 7 should experience significant growth in 2011 and beyond.


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2 responses to “Windows 7 running on 300 million PC’s


    The 64 bit really sucks, having sooooo much trouble downloading things, are we REGRESSING?

    • What type of problems are you experiencing with it specifically Elaine? Been working pretty good hear. There is no denying though there are still some legacy apps and drivers that do not work with it and probably never will. Recommendations: check the developer/manufacturers website, find an alternative product that works or consider downgrading to Windows 7 32 bit.

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