Attending the 2011 Microsoft MVP Global Summit

Microsoft_MVP_logoTomorrow I start my long journey from Jamaica to Seattle to attend one of the hottest events if not the hottest event in the technology industry exclusive to Microsoft MVP’s, the 2011 Microsoft MVP Summit. This is very exciting for me because as a Technology and Microsoft Windows Enthusiast I get to meet the people behind the products we use every day. Also, its a chance to network with hundreds of fellow MVP’s from different technology disciplines from all around the world. Its like a United Nations of Geeks all with similar visions and goals, to help make Microsoft products better and to advocate customer representation.

Being a Microsoft MVP is such a major privilege for me, I am still in awe that I have been awarded. Now for me to experience what some would call the pinnacle of being an MVP is even more incredible when you think about it.

I am excited to visit the Microsoft Redmond Campus and see Seattle, hopefully I will be able to do some quick sight seeing on Sunday if all goes well. If not, just being able to visit Microsoft will be a very exciting experience! I plan to take lots of pictures of the area and regularly take pictures of what is allowed. Speaking of what is allowed, I won’t be able to share anything about the summit itself regarding what will be announced or discussed with Microsoft officials, its all under Non-Disclosure Agreement.

The purpose of the NDA is to protect Microsoft intellectual property, avoid releasing information about products still under development, avoid jeopardizing Microsoft’s competitive edge and just strengthen that trust Microsoft wants to have in us as MVP’s. It’s a privilege, so we have to keep it that way!

It will be a long journey from Jamaica to Seattle, I will have some delays along the way, especially in Miami, with a quick connection in Chicago then straight to Seattle. I am packed and ready to go, but nervous as hell, an excited kinda nervous! You can keep up with what’s going on by following me at and use the hashtag #mvp11 to search for tweets from the summit.


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