2011 MVP Award Kit

Last week I received my 2011 MVP Award Kit, just wanted to show you what’s new. The new kit features an innovative design while also being environmentally friendly, the box is about 60 to 70% smaller than the first kit I got in April 2010. Much of this is attributed to the lack of a Crystal Award. An innovative solution was introduced allowing your MVP Award grow with you. So instead of collecting up on a new Crystal Award each year, you are given an Award Disk which you slip onto your Crystal Award. Each year you are awarded, you will be given one these. I think this a very good idea and it saves on space (and believe me, I don’t have much of it).


The new 2011 MVP Award Kit


Opening the package first experience


My new 2011 Award Certificate in the discipline Windows Expert-Consumer


MVP Handbook, Lapel Pin, Award Disk and Name Badge


My Crystal Award, last years certificate award, 2011 Kit and 20 11 certificate award.

Thanks again Microsoft!


My Microsoft MVP Award Kit is here! | Teching It Easy: with Windows

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award 2010

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award 2011


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2 responses to “2011 MVP Award Kit

  1. Congratulations, Andre,
    This is a most deserving award. I have learned much from your blogs, both technical knowledge and about the going-on in our world.
    Keep it up!

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