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How to adjust the Windows 8 Lock Screen (Quick Tip)

Quick Update: Thanks to THLJCL, I learned a quicker way of logging onto Windows 8, even without secure log on, just double click the screen and you will be presented with account screen. Thanks for the tip. Of course, if you are in a Enterprise environment, this will not work if secure log on is required.

If you are using a traditional desktop or laptop computer, logging onto Windows 8 might present a bit of fatigue if you have the Lock Screen enabled. Windows 8 is designed with Touch in mind, so an action such as the one below which requires that you drag the lock screen up might feel secondary to using a keyboard. Lets look at how to change that experience.


Press Windows Key + R on your Keyboard


Type in control userpasswords2 then Hit Enter on your keyboard


Under Secure logon check the box for Require users to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete


Logging on should be a bit quicker and easier.

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How to change your account picture in Windows 8

Continuing on our experience personalizing Windows 8, this article will show you how to change your User Tile using an existing picture. If your monitor or laptop has a built in camera, you can use the new Camera app to take an instant picture. Lets take a look:


Go to the Start screen, click on Control Panel


Click on Personalize then click User Tile. If you have an existing picture you would like to use, click on Browse:


If you don’t see any files, click on Go up


Click the folder where the desired picture is stored


Click the picture you want to use or browse one of the available galleries if you have one, then click Choose Image.

Using your built in Camera:
If you have a camera, Click Webcam:



Tap the screen to take your photo


Use the anchors to crop the photo and remove any unnecessary information. When complete, click the check box at the bottom of the right hand corner of the screen. You can also click the discard button and try again if you are not satisfied.

There you have it.


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How to activate Windows 8

If you have installed Windows 8 Developer Preview, the first thing you might want to do is activate it. Activation promises certain benefit, such as the ability to customize your lock screen and access additional services. There are two ways to Activate Windows 8, Metro or using the Classic interface. Lets start with metro.


On the Start screen, click on Control Panel

Activate 2

If you are connected the Internet, Windows will automatically begin the activation process. If not, click the Activate by phone link.

Classic Windows

Press Windows key + Pause Break key on your keyboard to take to the System Properties window. Or hover your mouse pointer over Start, click Search, enter system properties, click Settings to filter your search query and click the result.

Activate 3 

Click Activate online.

Thats it. The new metro style is obviously much quicker, whichever method you choose, that’s how you can activate Windows 8.


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Back to Business

Since April I have been on what seems like a hiatus. Of course, I have been busy, I was also recovering from a nasty flu back in April and it kinda threw me off a bit. In addition to my blogging efforts else where, I ended up neglecting my roots (techingiteasy). With Windows 8 Developer Preview now out, I want to get back in the business of some original blogging. I haven’t downloaded the bits yet, but will do so this weekend, so you should see some new content bright and early Monday morning.



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