How to adjust the Windows 8 Lock Screen (Quick Tip)

Quick Update: Thanks to THLJCL, I learned a quicker way of logging onto Windows 8, even without secure log on, just double click the screen and you will be presented with account screen. Thanks for the tip. Of course, if you are in a Enterprise environment, this will not work if secure log on is required.

If you are using a traditional desktop or laptop computer, logging onto Windows 8 might present a bit of fatigue if you have the Lock Screen enabled. Windows 8 is designed with Touch in mind, so an action such as the one below which requires that you drag the lock screen up might feel secondary to using a keyboard. Lets look at how to change that experience.


Press Windows Key + R on your Keyboard


Type in control userpasswords2 then Hit Enter on your keyboard


Under Secure logon check the box for Require users to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete


Logging on should be a bit quicker and easier.

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  1. Why do you need to log on to Windows by imitating ‘Touch’ using a mouse? You do not need to go to ALL the processes to change the setting to require the need to press CTRL+ALT+DEL on keyboard to log on. Simply double-click using your mouse and the log on screen will appear. Of course you can also imitate the ‘Touch’ behavior, which does work in this scenario but NOT necessarily in ALL scenarios. By the way, I do have touch screens in my ALL-IN-ONE PC but I mostly use mouse and keyboard for typical desktop computing. I can’t wait to see how the software developers will come up with their apps. Microsoft does NOT make mouse/ keyboard second-class citizen. In fact, they ALL just work but not without some differences. You would not pointing device like mouse works like keyboard, would you? That’s why you need keyboard shortcut or on-screen keyboard. WELL, they are different input devices. But I guess I can’t blame you or anyone for try to make mouse work like ‘touch’. Windows ‘8’ Developer Preview is a pre-beta release with very little or no end-user oriented documentations. Most of the materials are now aimed for software developers or hardware manufacturers. Demo videos from Channel 9 may help. Or, you can always resort to the classic “trial and error”.

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