Quick Tips for multi-tasking in Windows 8

Using Windows 8 on a daily basis presents new experiences when working with applications. Switching between applications might seem like a daunting task but its actually very easy. Lets take a look at doing that.

In Metro – Switching between apps

When you are using the Start Screen and you want to switch between multiple applications, all you have to do is point your mouse pointer to left hand top hand corner of the screen and a Charm bar will popup with all your open applications. See the following:


When you point your mouse pointer to upper left hand corner of the screen, a thumbnail preview of your open Metro applications will appear. Just click the one you want and it will immediately switch to it. A keyboard command for bringing up the Charm bar is Windows key + Tab. This will allow you to cycle through Start screen Metro applications and the Windows desktop.

Switching between Metro and Desktop applications


Switching between Desktop and Metro applications is just as easy. Just press the Alt+Tab keys on your keyboard and press tab until you reach the desired application you would like to view. You can also interact with each application by clicking on it with the mouse.



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4 responses to “Quick Tips for multi-tasking in Windows 8

  1. I found another interesting way to switch. When you place you mouse in the upper left right click an application not a metro app. Then select the snap left or right. All the open applications will snap to that side in sort of a snapped application jump list. If you click on one of the applications the app you are working on slides over and the application takes its place. Drag the bar over and the app takes over and you see the list of applications again. Of course if you snap an app the whole app will show on that side.

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