How to shutdown Windows 8

There is a bit of controversy on the web about how to shutdown Windows 8. Some have concluded the process is convoluted. I say its far from it. Of course, the traditional Start button and Start menu no longer exist, but the process for powering down your system is not difficult either, lets take a look at the easy steps to shut down a Windows 8 PC.

Option 1


Place your mouse pointer at the right hand corner of the screen. the Charm bar menu will pop up, click Settings. An alternate is Windows key + C will also bring up the Charm bar menu or swipe to left if you are using a Tablet device.


Click Power then click Shut down. Thats it!

Option 2 – Quick keyboard shortcut

Another way you can shut down Windows 8 quickly is by using the Keyboard shortcut Windows key + I.


Then use the up arrow (press once), then press the space bar and press the up arrow (press twice) then press Enter on your keyboard. Its little more involved, for keyboard savvy persons, is a quick and easy way.

Option 3 – Set the Power button option on your system unit.

You can have the power button shutdown Windows 8 when you press it. This will avoid interacting with Windows at all when you want to end your session.


Press Windows key + F on your keyboard.

Type Power Options

Click Settings

Click the link ‘Change what the power buttons do’


Click in the ‘When I press the Power button:’ list box and select Shut down. The click Save Changes.

When you press the Power button, Windows will automatically shutdown.

Option 4 – Create a Shutdown Shortcut


Right click your Desktop, select New then click Shortcut


Type the following command: shutdown –s –t 0 (that’s a zero not the letter “o”) then click Next


Give the shortcut a name then click Finish


This will create a quick shutdown shortcut on your desktop. If you don’t like the generic icon, you can change it.


Right click on the shortcut and click Properties

Under the Shortcut tab, click Change Icon…, a gallery of icons should appear, select an appropriate icon or whatever you like, click OK then click Apply and OK again.


You can pin it to your Windows Task bar for quicker access.

If you would like a similar shortcut for restarting your computer, follow the same instructions, but enter the following information instead: shutdown –r –t 0


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