How to organize tiles on the Start Screen in Windows 8

Personalization is at the heart of Windows, the ability to make it look and behave just the way you want is one of its best qualities. Windows 8 is no exception and today we will look at how to organize tiles on the Start Screen, create new groups and name them.


Here we are at the Start Screen, as you can see, we have out of box look and feel when you first install the operating system. If you want organize some of these tiles, especially for programs you install, here is how you do it.

Drag and Drop


To move a tile, simply click and hold then drag into the group you would like to see it, once you have placed it where you want, just release. See below:


As you can see, I have placed the Photos and Camera tiles into a group with Music and Videos.

Creating a new Column

If you want to create a new column with a different set of tiles, here is how you do it.


Simply drag a tile outside of its group, when you see a vertical bar, that indicates you can create a new group. Just Release it and you will now have a new group. See below:


I have created a new group just for Games

Naming Groups

If you would like Name your groups, you can do so easily.


In the lower right hand corner of the Start Screen, click the magnifying glass. (You can also press CTRL + Scroll) This will bring up a birds eye view of your groups of tiles. See below:


To name a group, just hover over one of the groups you have created and right click.


This will bring up the App Bar, click the Name group button that appears.


Enter a name for the group and click Name. You can repeat this step for other groups.


As you can see, I have created groups just the way I want it, organized for easily finding my favourite apps.



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10 responses to “How to organize tiles on the Start Screen in Windows 8

  1. Rob

    Thank You!!!! Thank You!!!!

  2. The answer to my prayers would be that they got rid of that stupid look and behavior. How many “hidden” steps to do something so easy as to reorganize your icons?

    • I personally have worked around some of the changes, such as setting my computer to shutdown when I press the Power button or create a shortcut for shutdown and restart. Once you have discovered the shortcuts and use them, working in Windows 8 can be very efficient.

      • I have done a few things too, including using iVista startfrom, which restores the Start Button and all the programs listed with a few limitations.
        Assuming that all Windows users can tweak the registry, create shortcuts to files that are not visible (require changes to the way hidden and system files are shown), guess the place where those files could be, etc, all is nice and dandy. The regular Joe, though, wants to see something he is familiar with. Imagine my mother (78) having to deal with that. I can see her screaming and banging the computer. I think MS has made a terrible mistake imposing this new look. Linux does not have it, Mac does not have it. Androids are similar, but they are phones and you work with one app at a time, one file at a time, and so on. That start screen covering the whole scene and without a minimize button or a close button? Forget it. Turning off the PC? I click a few times and that stupid side bar comes on and before I can click the settings (who would guess this is the button?), it disappears.

      • kinojohnny

        How did you create a short cut to turn off your computer? I just downloaded Windows 8 and am having a lot of trouble. Thanks

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  4. Tonia

    Thank you!!!
    I am really not very techy and have had Windows 8 for about 6 months now and am s l o w l y working out how to use it – it’s great when I finally get something, but it can be frustrating because I am doing a degree and don’t have the time to mess around!!! But the more I figure it out, the better it seems. Thank goodness for YouTube where I keep having to look for ‘Windows 8 how to guides’…

  5. Frances Listou

    I have spent mucho time trying to figure this start page organizing. I even felt it was a puzzle and could find the answer under games. It sure was puzzling! Found you on Google. You have the best instructions. I’m a happy Windows 8 gal, again. Thanks for sharing your skills.

  6. I have my Start page grouped perfectly is there a way to move an entire group? I want them ordered a little differently…


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