How to use Remote Desktop in Windows 8

In Windows 8 Microsoft has included a Remote Desktop App just for the new Start Screen. In this article, we take a look at how to use it.


On the Start Screen, click Remote Desktop


This will open the Remote Desktop app which looks quite different from what we are use to seeing in Windows 7 and previous versions.

To connect to a remote computer, simply enter the IP address or the machine name in the field box at the bottom of the screen.


Click Connect after entering the machine name or ip address.


Wait while Remote Desktop connects to the Remote Machine.


If you receive the following error, click ‘Don’t as me again for connections to this PC’ and click Connect


Enter your credentials on the remote computer.

If you want to connect to another machine, do the following, click the Remote icon at the top of the screen:


This will bring up the app bar for Remote Desktop.


This will bring up the Remote Desktop screen. Enter the machine name and repeat the steps for connecting to it.


When you want to switch between virtual machines, click the Remote Desktop button and click the Thumbnail for the Remote Machine you want to work in.


When you want to end your session, click the close button on the Remote Desktop app bar.

If you still want to use the classic Remote Desktop app, you can access it by doing the following:


Open a Run command (Windows key + R)

Type in: mstsc.exe

Click OK




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