How to personalize Windows 8–Change your lock screen

Windows 8 introduces in a lot of user experience improvements. One of them you will encounter the first time you boot up Windows 8. Lock Screen is a new feature of the Windows 8 user experience which provides a curtain over your Account Screen.


Windows 8 comes with a collection five lock screen pictures you can choose from, see below:


Lock Screen Gallery.

If would like to change your lock screen, its very easy, lets take a look at how to do it.


Press Windows + I on your keyboard or point your mouse to the right hand corner of the screen and click Settings. Then click More PC settings


To change your lock screen, just click on one of the available pictures displayed. If you would like to use one of your own pictures, it is just as easy.


Click the Browse button in Personalize


Click in one of the folders where the desired picture is located.


Click on the picture you want to use.


Then click Choose picture


There you have it, your own personal Lock Screen photo.



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