How to fix iTunes Library Locked Permission Error in Windows

The other day I upgraded a friends computer to Windows 7. Prior doing the upgrade, I had deauthorized her iTunes library to preserve the amount of available authorizations he was allowed. Sometimes upgrading Windows on the same machine can count as another machine. After the upgrade was complete and I was ready to reauthorize the machine, when I launched iTunes, I received the following error message:


The permission error got me curious as this would suggest something related to privilege. I decided to check out what’s going on with this Library.itl file. Here is how I came to resolve this issue.

Click Start > Music

Open the iTunes Library folder


Right click iTunes Library.itl file then click Properties


Go to the Security tab, there was my problem. It seems like during the upgrade, all user permissions were removed for this file. All we need to do is add back all the right groups and users with the correct permissions.

Click Edit


Click Add


Click Advanced


Click Find Now


Select your user account, SYSTEM and the Administrator (Ctrl + Click to select more than one account at time)

Click OK

Then click OK again


For both users you just added, set the permissions to Full Control


Click OK

Then click Apply and OK again

You should be able to launch iTunes.


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6 responses to “How to fix iTunes Library Locked Permission Error in Windows

  1. Laura

    Thank you a million times! This worked and I am so, so , so grateful 🙂

  2. Amy

    Thank you so much for posting this solution. It was the only one that worked and I’m finally back in my iTunes after a month of trying to figure this out! You rock!!!

  3. steph

    thank you for this solution!

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  5. Max

    gr8 this works for me too..thanks

  6. phil martin

    thank you very much yor the best

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