How to install and configure Skydrive App for Windows

The Skydrive App for Windows has been out for a while now, but I never got around to posting a tutorial about it. I use it often since I want to keep files available across many devices, which includes multiple PC’s at home and work and mobile devices such as my iPod Touch. In this quick tutorial, we take a look at downloading, installing and configuring it including a tip for getting additional storage.

What is Skydrive App for Windows?

Back in 2007, Microsoft launched Skydrive on Windows Live. This was the company’s first major move to embrace the popular term called Cloud Storage. Skydrive is basically an online hard disk, it requires that you have a Internet Connection to sync and store files across multiple systems. With the Skydrive App, you can not only sync files, you can also access them offline. Skydrive includes a familiar Windows Explorer interface that makes it easy to drag and drop files in it, organize and manage them.

Installing Skydrive App:

First, go to:

Then click Download Skydrive Preview for Windows


Double click the setup icon:


Wait while Skydrive installs

Setup 1

After the installation is complete, a quick setup wizard will be launched:

Setup 2

Click Get started to begin

Setup 3

Sign in with your Windows Live ID

Setup 4

Click Next, you can change the location of the Skydrive folder if you want, but we will stick to the default for now.

Setup 5

Check the box to make ‘Make files on this PC available to me on my other devices’ then click Done.

Setup 6

That’s it, Skydrive will automatically start syncing your files over the Internet between your PC’s you install and sign into. The above shows Skydrive synced on my Windows 7 PC. The below shot shows my Windows 8 PC:


Below is my Skydrive in the Cloud accessed through Internet Explorer:


Skydrive works only with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. For Windows XP users, you can access Skydrive through

Get more storage:

By default, Skydrive offers users 7 GBs of free online storage, but you can get some more using the following options:

In the Notification Are of your Taskbar, right click the Skydrive Icon:


Click Manage storage


Select one of the available storage options, which includes 20, 50 or 100 GBs for an annual fee.


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