How to join a Wi-Fi Network in Windows 8

Wireless networks are all around us, if you happen to be at the airport, a bank, a fast food restaurant or even your place of work, you likely can join a Wi-Fi network to access the Internet or other resources. Wireless networks are also very convenient for mobile users who are on the go.

In this article, we take a quick look at joining a wireless network in Windows 8. The principles that apply to Windows 7 are pretty much the same, although you might operate a bit differently depending on where you are at in the Windows 8 interface, whether it is the Windows Desktop App or the Start Screen. Let’s take a look at both:

Start Screen

Of course, the first thing you should always check for is to see if the Wireless adapter switch on your laptop is turned on. This can sometimes can be a physical on or off switch on the front of your laptop or at the side. Some manufacturers will often use embedded keys to turn on the wireless adapter, so a Function key will do it. Check the documentation that came with your mobile device for instructions.


Click Change PC settings (Press Windows key + C) to bring up this menu.


Select Wireless


Make sure Wi-Fi is set to On.

Joining a Wireless Network:

Go back to the Windows Desktop App, then click Wireless Network icon in the notification area:


Click it.


This will display a list of available Networks, click the one you know is available to you.


Click Connect


Wait while it connects.


Some networks might have additional authentication requirements.


When you are finish, click the VAN icon in the Notification Area and click Disconnect.


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4 responses to “How to join a Wi-Fi Network in Windows 8

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  2. Robert Peschka

    Nope! Still won’t let me access the WiFi network in my home and interface with all the other computers.

  3. amu roberts

    what are the ssid, security, and password for samsung chrome

  4. Mujhe antivirus ka app free chahiye please request

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