How to create a user account in Windows 8

There are many ways to do the same basic task in Windows 8 we have been doing for many years. Creating a user account is one of them and today, we take a quick look at how to create a user account.


On your keyboard, press Windows Key + C

Click Change PC Settings


Under PC settings, click Users


Under Other Users, click Add a user


The type of user you will want to create will be dependent on if you will want to have seamless integration with online services such as Skydrive, Hotmail and other services. Syncing is another component of user accounts in Windows 8, with a Microsoft Account, you will be able to do this across all your Windows 8 PC’s, this includes syncing themes, app settings, and some passwords. A Microsoft Account also lets you download apps from the Windows Store. If you are not planning on using these services, then its best you use a Local Account. As the name suggest a local account stores data only on the PC where it is created. A local account works just like a traditional Windows account we have been using in Windows 7 and prior versions of Windows.  It does not integrate with online services and cannot be synchronized across PC’s.

For the purposes of this review, I will only be creating a traditional Windows Account or what is known as a Local Account.


Click the link Sign in without a Microsoft account


Click Local account


Enter the User name, account, confirm it and create a hint just in case you forget. Click Next after completing these steps.


If you would like to enable Parental controls on the account you just create, check the box, otherwise, click Finish.


Thats it!

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  1. i am trying to install windows 7

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