How to use Skydrive Pro

Office 2013 includes an enhanced version of Skydrive that integrates with next generation of SharePoint services. Currently, Skydrive is available as a way to bring all your personal files to the cloud, you can also use it to sync data across multiple machines running Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. With Skydrive Pro, you can setup your own online cloud storage for your organization and provision it so your employees can also store their files in the cloud and sync it across supported devices.

In this article, we take a quick look at how to setup Skydrive Pro.


Click File


Click Account and click Add Services then click Office365 SharePoint


Sign in using your SharePoint account. You should obtain this information from your System Administrator.


You will now see a list of services show up in the Account Backstage. You can start saving files to your SharePoint Team Site or you can copy existing files to your Skydrive Pro folder. See the following:


To save your document, click File > Save As then click the name of the documents folder on your SharePoint site, if not, click Browse.


Then click Save


Once your file is saved, you can now access it from your Office 365 account:


Click Sync and your files will show up in Skydrive library:


Your files will now be synced and updated.


You can also work on your documents in Office Web Apps.


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13 responses to “How to use Skydrive Pro

  1. I think this is worth checking out.

  2. carlo

    thank you for your post , i need the following information and I hope you can help me :
    I work in a company of 150 users and we have windows 2008 domain. The file server is on a windows 2008 server with 2 TB of disk. Files are office documents plus pdf.

    My boss wants to move the file server to a cloud storage leaving the user experience as it is now:
    * same icon in windows explorer
    * same drive letter mapped
    * ssibility of backup and restore of files
    * no need to authenticate with any prompts dialog box( active directory itegration)

    Based on your experience, can you recommend the best solution? I was thinking of skydrive pro?
    Thank you

  3. I have been looking for an answer to how to get Skydrive Pro to work. No other site has had an answer. Thank you thank you thank you!

  4. nice article! Thanks!

  5. If this makes sense, then Sky Drive is for personal use and Sky Drive Pro is for the enterprise. Do we have to pay for Sky Drive Pro or does it come licenced with Office 2013?

    • It is only available as part of Office Professional Plus and Office Standard, and you need to have SharePoint setup on the backend or through Office 365 business editions.

  6. I take that back, Sky Drive sucks big time. It has had a bug that won’t let me download my files from skydrive onto my computer. Support told me to shift through 7000 files to find the ones missing and to manually download them until they can fix it (as if I have time to check 7000 files and folders to find what is missing) It has been at least 2 months and they haven’t provided a solution. I’d spend more money and use DropBox instead if you are smart. I’m learning why Microsoft has a bad reputation amongst computer gurus. They figured this out much earlier then me.

    • Kellysu

      SkyDrive and SkyDrive pro are both excellent as separate products, as long as you know the differences and what to expect. I use them side by side and wouldn’t be without them. I am using them with Office 365, Office 2013, SharePoint 2013 (online version)… no issues whatsoever. Dropbox is great but itsn’t really geared for business at a security level… so dropbox with caution would be my opinion.

  7. Gaurav Dighe

    I am a homeuser. I have Office 2013 and a SkyDrive Account. I really don’t know about SkyDrive Pro.

    So could you tell me whether SharePoint Service is free and how to get that. I have a Microsoft Outlook Account, but i have never use it with office 365 or Sharepoint.

    Please advice.

  8. Derek

    Nice article. Microsoft, SkyDrive and SkyDrive Pro are cool products, but stupid names. How hard do you think it is to explain to your users that you “aren’t in the right skydrive”… sheesh

  9. Pingback: Windows Vista Skydrive pro installeren in windows vista

  10. Mem

    Hi, I have an issue because when I go to Skydrive application in system tray, I can’t see the settings and manage storage option? How can I solve this issue because I want to access the recycle bin and also the setting? Thanks in advance.

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