Quick Tip: How to change the Ruler measurement unit in Word 2013


In latest version of Microsoft Word, 2013 the default Ruler measurement unit has changed from inches to centimetres. If you prefer inches, here is how you can change it back easily.


In Word, click File


Click Options


Click Advanced and scroll down to Display. Click in the Show measurements in units of”: list box and select inches

Click OK and you should see the classic ruler:


I personally was having some problems using the centimetre measurement when setting tabs in a document, so I needed to go back to inches.

Bonus tip:

If you don’t see the option to turn on the Ruler, look under the View tab within the Show group.




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9 responses to “Quick Tip: How to change the Ruler measurement unit in Word 2013

  1. bonnie

    i have been searched around to see how to turn on the ruler… so lucky i entered this site!!! thank you so much!!!!

  2. Muhammad

    Very useful. Thank you very much.

  3. E

    If that doesn’t change the ruler measurement format, it may be because the box marked “Show measurements in width of characters” (underneath the “Show measurements in units of”) have been checked. Uncheck it should do the trick

  4. alain smithee

    Now, if Microsoft would let me set the font size in millimeters instead of converting between inches, millimeters, and typographic points, it would make me extremely happy…

  5. there isn’t have pixel(((((

  6. Param

    Thank you so much….Since I work mostly on word documents for work, I thought of changing from office 2013 to 2010…You saved me…Thank you..

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