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How to configure Start up items in Windows 8

If you have been using Windows for years you probably know that one of the best ways to optimize your systems performance especially in regards to boot time is to reduce the amount of start up items that load with the operating system.

Microsoft System Configuration utility in Windows 7


In Windows 8, Microsoft has made some changes by moving functionality from MSConfig to the Windows Task Manager.

Disabling a startup item is just as easy in Windows 8. The Startup tab in Task Manager is also more detailed and organized. You can view the status of an application, its publisher and dependences in addition to impact on startup performance. This should give the user better knowledge of the relevance of the application and whether it is a priority to have it load with Windows.

Disabling a Startup item

Disabling a startup item is just as easy. Simply select the entry for the application and click disable at the bottom right hand corner.


That’s it.


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