Installing Windows Essentials 2012

Microsoft recently introduced a preview of its next generation of free media tools called Windows Essentials 2012. You might notice the Windows Live branding has been replaced. In this article, we take a quick look at installing and configuring the new version.

To download Windows Essentials 2012, just go to the following link:


Click the Download now link, once you download it, click Run or double click the setup file.

Setup 1

Once setup begins, you will see the setup screen.

Setup 2

Windows Essentials includes a suite of free programs for communication, photo management, video edition, email, blogging, cloud storage and email syncronization. If you want, you can choose on the programs you want to install by clicking ‘Choose the programs you want to install’

Setup 2b

The Windows Essentials 2012 custom install screen. Once you have made your choice, click Install and the installation should begin.

Setup 3

Windows Essentials 2012 installing.

Setup 4

Once installation is complete, click close.

Configuring Windows Essentials 2012

Setup 5

Once setup is complete, click the Accept button for the End User License Agreement.

Setup 6

Then sign in to start using Windows Essentials 2012.


You can access Windows Essentials from the Windows 8 Start Screen.


How to Install Windows Live Essentials 2011 – the New Install Experience


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3 responses to “Installing Windows Essentials 2012

  1. anon

    great looking website, excellent pictures. Unfortunately Microsoft no longer lets people download MWL and those links just have installation messages and a statement that MWL reached end of life Jan 2017. Guess it’s time to install thunderbird on Win10…

  2. Thanks for sharing this article.

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