Trusting your Windows 8 PC

One of the great benefits of running Windows 8 on multiple PC’s you own, you can easily sync common settings across computers such as passwords for apps, websites, networks in addition to other benefits such as themes, backgrounds and color schemes. To do this, you need to trust your Windows PC.

Start by launching Change PC Settngs (Windows + I)


Under PC settings, click Users tab


On the right hand side of the screen click Trust this PC


Sign into your Microsoft account which can be either a Windows Live ID, Hotmail, MSN or


Click Next to Confirm your computer as a trusted PC or you can visit a existing trusted PC and do the confirmation there from



The PC’s you sign in with your Microsoft Account from now on will be a lot more seamless.

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One response to “Trusting your Windows 8 PC

  1. Brian Unsworth

    When I get to my account, on the left Security Info is highlighted and on the right I my info , but under trusted PC it reads ” We don’t have the info we need to add this as a trusted PC. Make sure that you have enabled cookies in your browser, close it and then open your browser again. ” I have tried this numerous times with no success. Can someone give me step by step instructions.

    Apparently not too bright.

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