Part 1 How to upgrade using the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant

Windows 8 has been available for almost two weeks now and users are beginning to find their way around the new version. One new element to upgrading to Windows 8 is the Windows Upgrade Assistant. Known as Electronic Software Delivery (ESD), the Upgrade Assistant eliminates the chore of purchasing a physical package, opening a box, inserting a disc and beginning the upgrade. In fact, compared to Windows 7, upgrading to Windows 8 digitally is even a lot easier. In this article, we take a look at the process and answer some of the unknowns such as how to reinstall and redownload Windows 8 if you need to.

Over the past 10 years ago, the only way you could acquire Windows XP was on a CD which you ordered at an online merchant or bought at a brick and mortar store. With the release of Windows 7, Microsoft provided an online element to purchasing and installing Windows, although cumbersome, the Box setup files was Microsoft’s first real effort at distributing Windows digitally on a wide scale. Windows 8 simplifies the acquisition process with a Web Installer called the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant which makes it easy to both download and create a local backup copy for future use. The digital distribution works this way, you download the installer, launch it and it will download Windows 8, the time it takes is ultimately dependent on the speed of your Internet connection. Microsoft has noted that the Web Installer includes some sophisticated compression technology which downloads bits in 10 MB chunks to ensure it is delivered safely.

To download Windows 8, go to


Click Download Pro for $39.99


When the download is complete, launch the Windows8-UpgradeAssistant file.


The start of Windows 8 Setup.


Wait while Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant checks your devices and apps for compatibility issues.


According to the Upgrade Assistant, I have 3 items I need to review. To review them, click the See compatibility details link at the bottom.


According to the Compatibility details, I will need an app to play DVDs, the computer I am using does not support Secure Boot and I will need to update an Intel Network Management technology.

Although the computer does not support Secure Boot, I can still upgrade to Windows 8 because Windows 8 supports Legacy BIOS which is in most PC’s over the past 10 years that can run it. So, we can print or save this report and click Next to continue.

What is Secure Boot?

Secure Boot – a prominent new security feature built into Windows 8 supported on hardware that only supports the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI). What it does is capture a signature of the operating system so if a malicious piece of code tries to infiltrate the system at boot time, Windows will check against the signature the last time it booted up, if they don’t match up, the bad code is stopped from executing and system rolls back to a known state where there exist no modifications.

Setup 1

When you arrive at the Choose what to keep screen, select the option appropriate for your configuration. Here I have chosen to keep ‘Windows settings, persons files and apps. Click Next

Setup 2

Click the Order button to make your purchase of the software.

setup 3

Choose the option whether you want a backup DVD or you can skip that option and create your own.

setup 4

Wait while Windows Upgrade Assistant prepares its merchant options.


Fill out the billing information, click Next.


Select the method you want to use to pay and agree to the terms and condition, click Buy. If you received Windows 7 on a new PC between June 2nd 2012 and January 31, 2013, you can enter a promo code which will allow you to purchase Windows 8 at a significantly cheaper rate of $14.99. When you are ready, click Buy.

Downloading Windows

After completing the transaction, wait while Windows setup downloads.

Downloading Windows 2

The time setup takes to complete will depend on the speed of your Internet Connection. You can always Pause the download and resume it at a later time.

How to resume the download:


Simply double click the Download Windows icon on your desktop.

If something happens and you are unable to resume, simply go to the Install Windows site and start downloading again.


Click Install Windows to start the download again.


Install, Upgrade and Activate



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12 responses to “Part 1 How to upgrade using the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant

  1. Andre as always I enjoy reading your articles. I was wondering if you could comment about the content left in Windows.old and if anything is required once your are comfortable that all of your files and settings have migrated correctly to Windows 8. Can everything simply be deleted?

  2. Abhishek

    if i m using pirated copy of win 7, then also whether i should update the windows??????

  3. Pingback: Part 2 How to upgrade using the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant | Teching It Easy: with Windows


    i pay 15.00$ for the windows 8 upgrade i was downloading the O.S and i lost internet conection i restart the pc i i recive an email with my W8 product key when i try to download the windows upgrade again a message appears INTERNAL ERROR: UNABLE TO DETERMINE ORDER TYPE WHAT CAN I DO PLEASE HELP!!! 😦

  5. Tess

    If Upgrade Assistant will not run, manually start Terminal Services under Computer Management, Services and Apps. You can get there by right clicking My Computer, Manage.

  6. Harmon

    hi… i have a prob… i purchased the windows 8 product key without a disc and i use upgrade windows 8 using product key only… and i entered my product key the setup says.. WE CAN”T CONNECT RIGHT NOW, check your internet connection and try again… what can i do?

  7. Tarun

    Andre, my downloading stopped in between and didnt start again, i tried to resume downloading from install windows site, but was unable to, i am getting a massage “The download task did not complete” ,”Unspecified error”. After looking to the solution in the forum i came to know that i can download it in another computer and install it in the one i want to, but after i was successful in downloading it in my desktop which runs on windows XP (sp3) i did not get the option ” install by creating media”.
    Now please help what should i do to either download it in my laptop and install or make a flash drive from my desktop where its downloaded and install in my laptop.

  8. Srinivasa Upputuri

    Hello sir, T
    hanx for that info. But when i click on windows download button, it says unspecified error, and stops downloading. I am not sure where is the problem.

  9. samar

    I had just run Windows8-UpgradeAssistant and it show something like this
    Secure Boot isn’t compatible with your PC
    Your PC’s firmware doesn’t support Secure Boot so you won’t be able to use it in Windows 8.
    so i’m not able to use windows 8 , Please tell me

  10. samar

    I had just ran upgrade assistant when it gives compatibilty it shows
    1. the computer I am using does not support Secure Boot 
    2. your screen resolution is not compatible with snap app 1366 x 768 ( my resolution is 1299x 799)
    so i can run windows 8 or not

  11. Internaut

    Am I right in reading all the articles here and elsewhere about creating a O/S 8 installer disc is no loner allowed? OK, but not if it happens, but when the HDD crashes, we buy a new O/S or is the extra costs to download the installer (as described above), is the installer that should be on the drives, that was on the drives in 95,98, Millennium (MS would love if that went away), XP, and Vista?

    If this is so, then it’s a grande rip off. What’s next – MS charges per click, per “app” (new name for program) in it’s O/S? There is too much one must learn just to be safe – never mind that the 98 O/S with a new tablet-style GUI and minor upgrades, (that no doubt need patches, fixes, and upgrades) is called 8!.

    Yeah – I’m ticked, no one seems to be able to answer yes you can, and how without showing off their techenese, or calling it an “image”.

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