Part 2 How to upgrade using the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant

In part 1, we looked acquiring and downloading Windows 8 using the Windows Upgrade Assistant, a digital method of installing the latest version of Windows. If you purchased Windows 8 on DVD, take a look at the following articles:

Install, Upgrade and Activate

To day, we picked from where we left off, which is the installation of the software. Part 1 dealt with the acquisition process.

Setup 1

After Windows Upgrade Assistant completes the download, it will verify the integrity of the download. Checking for corruption or missing files.

Setup 2

Wait while Windows 8 prepares to start the installation.

Setup 3

Here we arrive at a very important part of the Windows 8 setup experience. You can choose to Install Now or create a backup disc (which I recommend you do) or postpone the installation by selecting ‘Install later from your desktop’.

If you choose the last option, even when you restart your system, you can simply double click the Install Windows icon located on your desktop to resume the installation.


If you remember from Part 1, if the download was interrupted or paused, the icon on your desktop was labeled Download Windows. This indicated the Download was not completed.

Install by creating media

This I think is one of the most important steps, a lot of persons do not have fast Internet Connections, or they are using metered Internet Connections which prohibits them from downloading large files using their ISP over a period of time. Windows 8 is a 2 GB download which is still significantly large for some Internet Connections.


Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant presents a couple options for backup media.

USB flash drive

If you have a thumb drive with 3 GBs of available space, you can use that to create a bootable copy. Thumb drives are very cheap these days, so pick up a couple and create one as your first backup option. This is especially recommended for persons using Ultrabooks which do not include optical drives (DVD) or Netbooks. There are some desktop systems that do not include one.

ISO file

An ISO file is a digital or virtual replica of a physical disc. In order to use an ISO you must burn it to a optical disc. In the case of Windows 8, a blank DVD. If you are using Windows 7, you can create the .ISO and burn it using the built in Disc Image utility. If you are running Windows XP or Windows Vista, you can using a third party burning tool such as ImgBurn or Roxio/Nero.

Learn more about burning .ISO files in Windows 7

Instructions for burning .ISOs using ImgBurn:

ImgBurn – In addtion to supporting the creation of CD’s from .ISO files,
it supports a wide range of other image file formats, and it’s free.

Note: Always use the slowest burn speed (4x or 2x) if offered a choice.


Creating a .ISO file

For the purposes of this exercise, we are gonna use the .ISO option, 1 because its more flexible and 2 I don’t have an available thumb drive.


Select ISO file, then click Save


Select your location and click Save.


Wait while the .ISO image is created.

Setup 4

When complete, you can view the location or open your DVD burning software to burn right away. Your Product key should also be revealed. Write it down and store it somewhere safe.

Install Now


If you just want to go right ahead and install Windows 8, select Install Now.


Accept the Windows 8 License Terms.


Select the option appropriate for your configuration and click Next to start the upgrade process to Windows 8.

That’s it!


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10 responses to “Part 2 How to upgrade using the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant

  1. Trey

    Hello, I read your article on Microsofts site about doing a clean install from the burned ISO file that can be downloaded from the Upgrade Assistant. I see there are people not able to ACTIVATE the installation once they used the media to do a clean install. Can you confirm that with a clean install (no prior windows versions on the formatted hard drive) will actually activate properly?

  2. Max

    I have desperately tried to make a clean install right in these days from Italy. Apparently, the “install by creating media” option is NOT available anymore.
    Could you advise about it?

    Thank you so much.

  3. Ricardo Heighes

    Yes all is well explain, but in my case I payed for the upgrade but a window pop-up saying problems were found in the installation and now, even though I Paid and received an email with Product Key number I cannot install it.
    Is asking me to go through the payment process again. Extra information for you and if you can help me please, is that I uninstall in the second time my Anti-virus system and my Microsoft Office software and… nothing. Plese need your help, thanks.

  4. Mike

    Awesome tutorial buddy, followed it step by step and I now have a brand new iOs working perfectly!

  5. jasonmarenjonas

    Hi Andre,
    I am thankful for someone explaining the download process in pictures. Thank you for that.

    I have had an issue on my computer in the past two days, where the download process does not continue after verifying the integrity of the download. I have read many support websites, and came across your comments for a situation where a person had the same error as I, at .

    My error, which is in German, due to this computer being a German purchased machine, is the “per Block” issue. The German is “Der Download wurde nicht erfolgreich abgeschlossen. Die Downloadaufgabe wurde nicht abgeschlossen. Die pro Block geltende Beschränkung für die Ausführung von Reparaturvorgängen wurde überschritten. Die Datei ist beschädigt.” Using Google Translate, this comes out as “The download did not complete successfully. Download the task was not completed. The current limitation per block for the execution of repair processes has been exceeded. The file is corrupt.”

    I have performed a CHKDSK. I have renamed C:\Users\Jase\AppData\Local\Microsoft\WebSetup as C:\Users\Jase\AppData\Local\Microsoft\old.WebSetup . I have performed a sfc/scannow and no integrity violations were found. I have also done the following steps:
    Click Start
    Type: MSCONFIG.
    Hit Enter on your keyboard
    On the General tab, click Selective Startup.
    Under Selective Startup, click to clear the Load Startup Items check box.
    Click the Services tab, click to select the Hide All Microsoft Services check box, and then click Disable All.
    Click OK.
    When you are prompted, click Restart.

    I believe my next step is click on the “here” link in my product purchase email, in the line “Falls Sie Windows herunterladen möchten, notieren Sie sich den neuen Product Key, und geben Sie ihn hier
    ein.” which translates as “If you want to download Windows, note the new product key and enter it here.”

    However, before I do a third 2.4MB download, when I only have a monthly allowance of 15MB, I want to hear from you, as to whether you think I need to do more than just what I have done. I would hate for the download to fail again. That would just send me to the refunds page at !!!

    My computer specifications are:
    Lenovo G770
    Serial Number CB14912322
    Manufactured 18 March 2012
    Model Number 1037
    PIN 59321618
    MO CB02031817
    Factory ID PRC4
    MTM: 000000000059321618
    Parts information [Quantity]
    WD WD5000BPVT-24HXZT1 5400RPM 500G HDD [1]
    PIWG1 CAMERA 2.0M PK400009U00 [1]
    CMI N173FGE-L21 HD G W LED1 NB LCD [1]
    SAM M471B5273CH0-CH9 DDR3 1333 4GBRAM [2]
    PLDS DS-8A8SH Slim Rambo w/o bezel-LH [1]
    Cbt BCM4313 MOW M PCIE NB HMC WLAN [1]
    VOLEX M2511+HO3VV-F+VAC5S 1m cord [1]
    Delta ADP-90DD BD 20V4.5A adapter [1]
    CCY T4T GE 102KEY ORG KBD [1]
    Intel I5-2450M 2.5G J1 3M 2cPGA CPU [1]
    PIWG4 MB DIS 2G U3 10/100M W/HDMI [1]

    The computer is running Windows 7 Home Premium SP1, and was bought in July 2012 from a German online retailer. It is a 64bit system. The Product ID is 00359-OEM-8992687-00249.

    I hope you can help me soon.



    • jasonmarenjonas


      I redownloaded the Windows8-Setup.exe, by clicking on the “here” word, as mentioned above. I right clicked on that program, and ran as the Administrator. The first screen that comes up is the one titled “Product Key”. Am I on the right track here? I never saw that screen before.

      I just want to download the program. I do not want to install it yet. Is this Windows 8 Setup program the one for downloading, or for installing, or for both?



  6. jasonmarenjonas


    Again, I have taken the initiative, and see that it is the download program. I have halted it until I can download it in my off-peak time, in 4 hours.



  7. I find your comment in Microsoft community pretty helpful 🙂

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