How to access Colors and Accents in Windows 8.1

In the initial release of Windows 8, you accessed the Colors and Accents features through PC Settings under Personalize (see below).


In Windows 8.1, Microsoft has now moved this setting to Charm bar. To access it, make sure you are in the Start Screen interface.

Accent 1

Press Windows key + C and click Settings or place your mouse pointer in the right hand corner and click Settings.

Accent 2

Click Personalize. (Note), if you do this from the Desktop, you will taking to the Desktop personalization options. So make sure you are at the Start Screen.

Accent 3

Choose your Background art, which are now animated. Then select a colour from the ‘Background color’ palette and then select your accent color which will be applied to the animated object, thats it. See example below:

Accent 4



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13 responses to “How to access Colors and Accents in Windows 8.1

  1. I am just loving Microsoft 8.1 more and more. Windows 8 has really moved up with this new 8.1 and IE 11.
    Thank you!

  2. رها

    I live in iran and we cant access to microsoft to active our windows originally and mostly we use the windows as trial or active them by crack file . my 8 was active until I installed 8.1 with its key but after installation my 8 crack void and now I cant use personalize in windows 8.1 .do you Know any way how to active it as trial version as befor to use and change personalize in 8.1 ?

    • Unfortunately, because you are using cracks, it will be difficult to provide a solution. Its best you purchase a genuine Windows 8 license from a local retailer or Microsoft partner. If you have friends and family living abroad, you can ask them to purchase it for you and ship it to you. If there are embargo, then its best you use an open source solution such as Linux or FreeBSD.

  3. Smoke

    Now if only they can return the older start menu or tweak it a little..

  4. that worked perfectly. and wow how beautiful the animated backdrop is!

  5. Vivek

    Oh dear, after an update, my accent color suddenly became red and was searching all over the places in windows but was not able to get this setting.
    Thank you very much for the useful tip.

  6. Gaby

    Hi, I’m using windows 8.1 too, but I was a bit confused. When I click Settings, there’s only Personalisation. It’s like the usual one, where you can only change the desktop’s theme and wallpaper. Why is that so? How do I get the menus like the one you mention? Should I download it from the store first?

  7. njlkb

    8.1 suck monkey balls.

  8. Nice the right info.

  9. Muhammad Shahbaz

    thanks for this tatorial

  10. Sumon

    Thanks a lot!!

  11. Name

    “(Note), if you do this from the Desktop, you will taking to the Desktop personalization options. So make sure you are at the Start Screen.”
    Finally, I understand why it did not work anymore. Big thanks.

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