How to activate Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 makes activating Windows 8 the most seamless experience yet. You don’t even have to manually do anything the minute it detects an active Internet connection. I was so impressed with even on my slow GPRS connection. Activating Windows 8.1 affords certain benefits, such as the ability to enable unique features native to this release, example:

  • Show my desktop background on Start
  • Search everywhere instead of just my apps when I search from the Apps view

So lets activate Windows 8.1 (remember, if you have active Internet Connection, Windows 8 likely already done this for you). But if you are located somewhere where there is not Internet, then you can use the following procedures.

1. Press Windows key + I on your keyboard or activate the Settings Charm bar by pointing the mouse pointer in the right hand corner and click Settings ‘gear’ icon.

Activate Change Settings 2 Click the Change PC settings menu

Activate Change Settings 3

Under PC settings, click Activate Windows

Activate Change Settings 4

Click the option that best suits you.


How to Activate Windows 8



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2 responses to “How to activate Windows 8.1

  1. iris

    I got my laptop at a pawn shop n i cant get it to activate.!

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