How to enable or disable Slide Show Lock Screen in Windows 8.1

When I first started using Windows 8 during the early previews in 2011, I said to myself why didn’t Microsoft make the lock screen a slideshow of your wallpapers or photo library? Your wish is my command, you can now do that in Windows 8.1. Lets take a look at setting it up, of course, some persons might not want this feature, but its a great fun functionality that is especially great on Tablets if you want to setup a digital photo frame.

Press Windows key + i on your keyboard or place the mouse pointer in the right hand corner of the Windows 8 screen and click Settings > then ‘Change PC Settings’


Click Lock Screen under Top settings

Slide Show 1

Drag the knob to the right under Play a slide show on the lock screen to enable it.

Slide Show 2

You can let Windows choose pictures from your Pictures folder or select a specific folder. I personally have set aside a specific folder, since I might not want everyone passing my computer to see every photo I have stored in my library. To do this, click Add a folder

Slide Show 3

Select the folder if its listed or Click Go up to browse to where the folder is listed.

Slide Show 4

Once you have viewed your folder, click Choose this folder

Slide Show 4a

Click OK

Thats it, your Slide Show is now setup. See below:


Picture 1


Picture 2


Picture 3

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One response to “How to enable or disable Slide Show Lock Screen in Windows 8.1

  1. Do you know how it can be disabeled entirely? I usually am listening to music or something and the computer goes to lock screen and stops everything. This tends to happen at about 5 – 10 minutes after I dont do anything. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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