How to use Search now with Bing in Windows 8.1

The Bing App


Some persons have been asking where is it? Well, with Windows 8.1 you don’t need a dedicated app anymore as Bing search as been infused throughout Windows 8.1. Lets take a look.

In Windows 8

In Windows 8, you launched the tradition Bing app from the Start Screen and did your typical searching.


Here is an example


Here is a search for my favourite artiste of all time, ‘Michael Jackson’

In Windows 8.1

Press Windows key + S or point your mouse to the right hand corner and click the Search charm.

Bing Search

Enter your search query.

Bing Search 1

Not only will you get local results, but also live results using Bing Search. If you want more detailed results, just click the magnifier icon in the search field.

Bing Search 2

This will take you to a full page with results for what’s on your system in addition to news and information from the web.

Bing Search 3

Bing Search is really powerful and built right into the desktop. Providing a quicker, accessible and more relevant way to get results not only locally but also on the web. Nicely done!


How to use Search in Windows 8

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