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How to upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1

Hey folks, its been a long time since I have published a new article, been quite busy since the start of fall, so I have not gotten back into the groove of things just yet. With the release of Windows 8.1 which promises to improve the overall experience of Windows 8, I say why not start off with how to get it.

First things first, I suggest you check Windows Update for the latest updates, make sure your system is fully updated before attempting to install Windows 8.


Open Windows Update and click Check for Updates

Once your system is fully updated, we are ready to install Windows 8.1. You might want to do things like disable your Antivirus temporarily, disable startup items. Unplug any unnecessary devices.

store 3

On the Start Screen, click the Store icon

Store 1

As soon as you open the Windows Store, you will see the Update Windows tile. Click on it.

store 2

The Windows 8.1 update page will give information about whats new in Windows 8.1.

store 2

Click Download to start downloading Windows 8. You can keep working while the update is downloading.

Store 4

Wait while Windows 8.1 installs.


When all is done, you should have Windows 8.1 installed.


Why can’t I update to Windows 8.1?


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