How to upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1

Hey folks, its been a long time since I have published a new article, been quite busy since the start of fall, so I have not gotten back into the groove of things just yet. With the release of Windows 8.1 which promises to improve the overall experience of Windows 8, I say why not start off with how to get it.

First things first, I suggest you check Windows Update for the latest updates, make sure your system is fully updated before attempting to install Windows 8.


Open Windows Update and click Check for Updates

Once your system is fully updated, we are ready to install Windows 8.1. You might want to do things like disable your Antivirus temporarily, disable startup items. Unplug any unnecessary devices.

store 3

On the Start Screen, click the Store icon

Store 1

As soon as you open the Windows Store, you will see the Update Windows tile. Click on it.

store 2

The Windows 8.1 update page will give information about whats new in Windows 8.1.

store 2

Click Download to start downloading Windows 8. You can keep working while the update is downloading.

Store 4

Wait while Windows 8.1 installs.


When all is done, you should have Windows 8.1 installed.


Why can’t I update to Windows 8.1?


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13 responses to “How to upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1

  1. Any idea why Microsoft will not release the ISO? I had a problem with upgrading my system to Windows 8.1 Preview, so I had to do a clean install anyway. What are people in that position to do? I have a lot of programs from this college semester I want to completely remove with a clean install after the semester ends. How can I do this now?

  2. Starr

    Your posts are very helpful. Where do you blog

  3. Jo King

    Thanks, this has been so helpful to me. I am eternally indebted to your insightful knowledge and clear explanatory sense of wording. You have obviously spent many hours of your time researching and putting together a most interesting blog and the world is grateful!

  4. Sue

    I keep trying to update to windows 8.1 from 8 and every time I go to the store and click on download it says I have to login as an a administrator and I AM an administrator. It fails anyway! My windows update seem to be correct at this point. Just started this new computer up today!! Frustrating!

  5. arash

    i am living in Iran and cant access the store what should i do now??

  6. don

    how do you get windows 8.1 to update from 8.0. I get an error that it cant do it every time.

  7. jerome steele

    I’m grateful for the quality of your presentation. That you’re Jamaican makes me proud.
    Big up yourself,Bless you

  8. What is the best way to download it.?

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