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Talking about It’s here…Xbox 360 launched 45min ago!

Val got to experience the suicidal purchase frenzy of gamers for the just released XBOX 360. She also has some pics of Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect giving XBOX 360s to buyers of the new gaming system.


It’s here…Xbox 360 launched 45min ago!

Just back from Best Buy (like dixons) in Bellvue……to look at all the mad people who have been queueing since 6pm Friday to make sure they got a 360 when they went on sale at midnight.
It was mad, never have I seen people get so excited over a free frisbee too – hilarious!
Billy-G was there too, he got the first Xbox 360 which was signed by the team that made the box – managed to get some good pics!
……tomorrow will be mad at work! – there will be more queues from the employees waiting to pick up their own 360!


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Talking about Illusions

 A little fun here, I got it off Pyramid-Seven



These illusions show us that we have to concentrate in order to control our perceptions.


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