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Check out My Windows Vista Mouse Pad!

I was cleaning out my room this morning and I stumbled across a bag with the hyperlink http://MSMARKET written on it, then I remembered a few months ago I received a promotional copy of Visual Studio 2005 Professional in it. There were some CD’s inside with miscellaneous data. I took out everything, low and behold, I couldn’t believe what I found – a Vista mousepad and 2 My Code Rocks stickers!
The Vista mouse pad is just awesome, its exact replica of the pearl logo first seen at WinHEC 2005. Its so pretty I don’t want to use it. I think I will save it for the launch. I still don’t know who at Microsoft sent these to me, but I just want to say THANKS! They ROCK!


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Visual Studio 2005 – Its overwhelming!

As you already know, I recently received Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition. But I don’t know the first thing to do, the last time I messed with this stuff was at version 6.0 and a lot has changed since then. My basic plan is to learn both C# and C++ first, but I am having a hard time, the product comes with a wealth of information, but I just don’t know where to start.
This is where you come in! If you know of any free beginner ebooks for C# and C++ that I maybe able to access I would really appreciate it. I really want to make good use of this stuff before I reach retirement. So if you could hook me up, I would be very grateful. The installation was smooth, ate up a good 2.7 GBs of space, but hey, its worth it. 🙂 


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My New Hobby – Visual Studio 2005

DHL guy came by the Office yesterday morning with a surprise package, I didn’t know what it was, I simply was not expecting anything. I signed and accepted, immediately closed the door and started ripping the package apart. When I opened the envelope, to my surprise, a brand new copy of Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition Not For Resale (NFR) came out.
I still don’t know what I did to deserve this, the accompanying letter said it was from Microsoft, the question remains, "Why did I get it?" Still, like my friend Josh says, I am not gonna knock it, just accept and be thankful. Visual Studio 2005 retails on for nearly $800, so getting this for free is a major steal.
I will be setting aside sometime to at least learn 2 languages, "C# (C Sharp) and C++". The only programming skills I have right now are for psuedocode alogorithms, which I loved doing back in high school. It comes with a lot of stuff, C# and C++ are just two of the development languages and tools included, others include Visual Basic, Visual J, Crystal Reports, SQL Server Express, MSDN Library with tonnes of content to get you up and running with the popular programming suite.
Well, I just would like to say thanks to whoever at Microsoft sent me this lovely package, I definitely appreciate it and will make use of it to further my knowledge and education.


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