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Making the move to WordPress

This blog post will chronicle my move to WordPress from Windows Live Space which I have been using since December 2004.  I have been holding out a bit longer than I expected. I must admit, I was a bit nervous about the whole thing, I just hope the migration is without any glitches. I have invested years of blogging into Windows Live Space and it would be a shame to lose any of it. Especially the pre-Windows Live Writer days. I didn’t start using Writer until 2006 when it first debuted in beta form, so there is a large collection of post I don’t have saved locally.


So long old friend, 2004 to 2009


I’m so nervous!


Since I don’t have a WordPress account, I will just use the handy feature of connecting my Windows Live account with WordPress.


Connecting my Windows Live Account to WordPress


Choosing a blog name and password


Unfortunately, my old account name  [adacosta] is not available, so I will use

You know what’s even more annoying, the blog that is named has only one blog entry and has not been updated since January 2008. WordPress should do something about inactive blog accounts like that.


Thank goodness! Its available!


Migration in progress. During my transition, I received the following email from the Spaces team regarding migration:

We are now upgrading your Windows Live Spaces blog to and it will be ready to use soon. Though the process could take as long as a day, it usually happens faster than that. If you experience any issues with your upgrade, please check out our Windows Live Spaces Help Center for resources and contact information.

Your visitors using bookmarked Spaces links will be automatically redirected to If you choose to connect with Messenger Connect, a link to your blog will also be added to your profile and your friends will be able to see and comment on your blog posts right from Messenger. You can manage services that you’ve connected to Windows Live on the Manage Connected Services page. We hope you’ll enjoy this new experience.

Still have questions? Visit the Spaces Upgrade Center

Thanks for using Windows Live!

The Spaces Team


So far, so good. I might have to do some customizations first before I call it ready. 


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Windows Live Spaces: The End of an Era

But the beginning of a new one.

Six years ago, I entered the world of blogging full time. Prior to that I had dabbled a bit but was put off by my early experience using Blogger which is now owned by Google. Initially called MSN Spaces, Windows Live Spaces which initially started out as a beta was an instant hit for me and I immediately jumped on it because I was interested in having a place on the Internet where I could express my views and share my experiences. In addition to that, I wanted a service that made it easy to do so. I remember starting out with everyday random thoughts or talking about everyday experiences. Over time my love of technology crept in and invigorated by blogging experience, at the time Microsoft was planning the next version of Windows, at the time code named ‘Longhorn’ which eventually became Windows Vista. I decided to focus on this particular release like so many others did at the time and it eventually help to galvanize my love for blogging over the years. Here is a screenshot of my blog back in 2004.

MSN Spaces December 2004 to September 27, 2010.

Today, Microsoft made a major announcement on the Windows Team Blog that it was ending support for the service but will be providing a way for the 30 million active Windows Live Space users to move to Here is what Microsoft’s Dharmesh Mehta had to say:

As we looked at how we brought Windows Live and together, there were three big things we wanted to deliver:

  • Giving existing Windows Live Spaces customers an easy upgrade of their blogging experience to
  • Letting anyone connect their blog to Messenger so their Messenger friends are updated when they publish a new post on
  • Allowing Windows Live customers to easily create new blogs on
Upgrading a Windows Live Spaces blog to

There are 30 million people who are actively using Windows Live Spaces and have been eagerly awaiting the next set of new blogging features. For these customers, Windows Live and have worked together to build a simple way to move your blog posts, comments, and integrated photos right over to and start taking advantage of all their new features. And we’ll also redirect all your old Spaces URLs to your new blog, so you don’t lose any visitors along the way

Learn more here

This is a bitter sweet ending for me, I am of course relieved that my years of investment in the service will not just wither away. I am most appreciative of this. I had the chance of familiarizing with WordPress a bit since I also blog at so the transition should be fairly easy for me.


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Windows Live Essentials BETA Coming Tomorrow!

Exciting news, the next version of Microsoft’s multimedia suite of programs for Photos, Video editing, Instant Messaging, Email, Synchronization with Windows Live services is coming tomorrow!

Tomorrow, hot on the heels of the Hotmail roll-out, the new Windows Live Essentials becomes available for public beta testing. Windows Live Essentials beta requires Windows Vista or Windows 7, and is available in English, French, Dutch, Japanese, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, or Spanish.  As soon as the beta goes live tomorrow (we’ll update this blog post when it does), you’ll be able to get it from here.

Read more here

I love the commitment that Microsoft has invested in these powerful products over the years. They just keep getting better with each release and the synergy between Windows Live and Windows 7 is even stronger. There are exciting improvements that will take advantage of core features in Windows 7 to provide exciting results when working on photos and videos. I am pleased to see Windows Live Essential products such as Photo Gallery and Mail embrace the Scenic Ribbon to provide consistency and better usability.

I am looking forward to using Photo Gallery in particular, I recently read about some of the exciting improvements coming such as Photo Stitching and Retouching built in, features you normally would pay for through commercial software packages. Windows Live Essentials is even more Social and its one of the things I believe will definitely set this release apart, support for networks such as Facebook and Twitter are fully embraced and I believe it will reinvigorate the use of services such as Windows Live Messenger when combined with media such as video calls and photo sharing.


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Finally, improvements to blocking Spam on Windows Live Properties

I almost cried when I saw this. As you might be aware, the Windows Live folks are beginning to rollout the next generation of Windows Live Services Wave 4. One of the major issue users of services such as Spaces and Invitations might experience is the constant barrage of Spam. Whether it be invitation Spam or Comment Spam. Today when I logged into my Profile on Windows Live, I was greeted by the new look of the service.

Its now easier to report spam.

Windows Live Spaces now makes it easier to delete and report spam comments

The design is clean and refreshing and features deeper integration with popular Social Networking services such as YouTube and Facebook. The Windows Live Folks have also added improvements to privacy with various levels for how you would like people to communicate with you, these include Public, Limited and Private. Clubhouse member Technogran provides some first hand experience using the new Privacy improvements, check it out here For me personally, the biggest issue has always been the Spam Comments on my Windows Live Space and Windows Live Invitations. Windows Live Messenger already included reporting capabilities but they are now finally a part of the various properties that support user commentary, these include Spaces, Windows Live Notes and Invitations.

This is certainly a great step and I appreciate the Windows Live Team listening to us. Now, what I would like to see is probably filtering capabilities that can be used to block out certain type of comments based on key words. The most popular ones I continue to see are abercrombiefitch, nike, laptop battery. It would be nice to be able to make exceptions too depending on the particular post I published to Windows Live Spaces, so if I do write something about abercrombiefitch, nike or laptop batteries, I can add and exception for comments on that particular post. I hope there are also plans in place to have some sort of crawler to delete existing spam comments. The amount of spam comments are probably in the hundreds of thousands on my blog alone. I would never have the time or patience to delete all of those. Again, I am happy with these improvements!

Thanks Windows Live!

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Windows Live Wave 4: Major Things to Come!

Wow, this is really exciting! It is rumored that Microsoft might provide a preview of Windows Live Wave 4 today. NeoWin has started wetting our software taste buds with some early previews of technologies expected as part of this wave. One in particular is a Windows Live Messenger client for the iPhone OS. Yep, you read right, Windows Live Messenger on the iPhone OS. Microsoft’s Mac BU already develops a client for the Macintosh OS X.

Remember in December 2009 we told you Microsoft were planning a Windows Live Messenger app for iPhone? Well today we can reveal a little bit more.

Today we can exclusively unveil the first official screenshots of Windows Live Messenger for iPhone. The application will arrive in June alongside the rest of Windows Live Wave 4. According to our sources, Microsoft will unveil the next generation of Windows Live Messenger tomorrow but will not ship bits to public beta until June. A limited private beta is expected to take place in May.

Check out the additional screenshot’s here

Windows Live Messenger for iPhone will include photo sharing, chat and a social stream for users.

The Windows Live team has shifted focus to the next major release internally known as Wave 4. The announcement was made by Chris Jones, Corporate Vice President of Windows Live, on the Inside Windows Live team blog, Getting ready for Windows Live Wave 4.

Jones writes, “We will then roll out updates to our web services, followed by betas of our software for Windows PCs, Macs, and phones. Our approach is to release betas to the public once we think the build is in pretty good shape, learn through beta usage data and beta user feedback, and make additional refinements that eventually become the final release. Of course, we’ll continue to update the service as we see how you use it every day and hear from you about what’s working and what needs improvement.”

Learn more here



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Windows Live – What is coming next?

Some official news is finally starting to trickle out about the next wave in the Windows Live platform. For the past few months now, unofficial leaks have been available of the next generation of Windows Live Essentials. Microsoft Vice President, Chris Jones recently spoke with CNET about what to expect with the next release:

The new versions are part of a series of changes coming to Windows Live in the "Wave 4" update to Microsoft’s online services. In updating Windows Live Movie Maker, Windows Live Photo Gallery, and other downloadable Windows Live Essentials programs, Microsoft opted to take advantage of the improved graphics engine and other capabilities that have come into the operating system with Windows Vista and Windows 7. However, that meant sacrificing compatibility with the older operating system.

"We just decided that was the right choice," Microsoft Vice President Chris Jones said in an interview this week. Jones said existing versions of the programs will continue to be supported for XP users and online services like Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger will continue to run on Windows XP.

Read more here

If you don’t know, Windows Live Essentials consist of programs and services for extending your Windows experiences, it compliments Windows 7 very well. Programs such as Windows Live Movie Maker for video editing, Windows Live Photo Gallery for basic editing, management and sharing of photos, Windows Live Writer for blogging, Windows Live Mail for email, calendar and news feeds and a host of other technologies for synchronizing with various services such as your Windows Live Skydrive, multiple PC’s, devices and popular social networking services.

One of the most exciting parts of the next generation of Windows Live services I am looking forward to is Office Web Apps which promises to implement that rich experience found in Microsoft Office on the PC in the web browser.


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Seasons Greetings from Teching It Easy

I would like to wish Happy Holidays and a Happy/Prosperous 2010 when it comes to all readers of Teching it Easy.



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