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Summer 2008 – How its been so far

Hi Readers,

I haven’t kept up with my promise of resuming blogging on a regular basis, but studies at school and upcoming exams have held me back a bit. The status right now is to focus on my studies and finish my exams which will come to a close by the end of August. The next step is job hunting for the fall. So, my summer has been well occupied with my education and future work life. Still I have gotten some free time and its mostly dedicated to relaxing. Internet issues at home have presented problems with keeping up with what’s going on in the world of technology. The summer it seems have been mostly boring tech wise except for the launch of the iPhone 3G.

Hopefully the fall will bring new products to test, (I see that Internet Explorer 8 BETA 2 is coming soon and the IE Team are looking for testers. I haven’t even looked at the BETA 1 release because you know what and I missed out on reviewing other products like Windows Server 2008 (which I have become familiar with over the past months) (Bob, I promise to get that to you as soon as possible).

I hope your summer has been well and I hope to be back blogging full time and presenting my thoughts on the Windows platform going forward.



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ActiveWin Meetup ’06

Today I had the pleasure of having lunch with ActiveNetworks Co-Founder Bob Stein who was visiting Jamaica for the first time. It was wonderful to finally meet someone who I have been chatting with over IM for the past couple years. The face to face interaction strengthens a great friendship and I hope to do it with other AW staff and persons on my list. It was a great experience, thanks again for the lunch Bob, it was delicious.

Bob Stein (left) and me click here to see a slideshow.


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