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Hi-Res pics of Windows Server 2008 Box and Logo

Yesterday I posted a picture of the Windows Server 2008 product box which was a bit blurry, but was a first glimpse. Here is a much better image of it, front and back:

Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition

 Note the new slogan: "Easy-to-Use Server Operating System"




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Windows Server 2008 Box Shot – formerly Windows Server codename “Longhorn”


Linda Epstein gives us a glimpse of Microsoft’s Windows Server 2008 product box. The network operating system is expected to be finalized in the second half of 2007.

Windows Server 2008 retail product box

As you can clearly see the product design is no different from the Windows Vista packaging.

Check out Linda’s photo gallery for more scenes from this years WinHEC 2007 here



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Bringing Back Longhorn Alpha 4074 from the Dead

From All About Microsoft

"Should old, abandonned operating systems just fade away? Or is there some way to breathe new life into them – without running afoul of the copyright police?

A handful of members of the Joejoe.Org Windows enthusiast site may soon find out. A self-selected group of site members have begun building a Longhorn-client-based, community-developed product they currently are calling “Longhorn Reloaded.”

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I can understand this from a enthusiast point of view and nothing else. Early alpha builds from the Longhorn Project were ambitious and promised to revolutionize the way we interact with out PC’s. But the project itself took on too much and ended up disbanding anticipated features such as WinFS which was a new SQL like indexing service running on top of the NTFS file system. A vectorized user interface was suspected to be a part of Longhorn. The Sidebar was also a System Service in the early alphas and was known for memory leaks and instability, its very different in Vista using a Gadget (small application) approach instead of the tile based layout first introduced in Longhorn Alpha.

Eventually the project was scrapped in August of 2004 and started from a clean slate on the SP1 code base for Server 2003. I did get a chance to try build 4074 and was mostly disappointed by the horrible performance and stability and in comparison to Vista today would definitely call it a dud. The interface layout was not as logical and convenient as what we are experiencing today in Vista and XP. Longhorn 4074 took 12 hours to install in Virtual PC compared to an hour for Vista. It was a great time back in 2003 to 2004, but do I miss it, no way!


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Microsoft To Ship Longhorn Server In Second Half Of 2007

From CRN
"The next Longhorn server beta is due "shortly" but the final product won’t ship until the second half of 2007.

During his keynote at the Microsoft Management Summit 2006, Bob Muglia, senior vice president of servers and tools at Microsoft, told the audience that the next major Windows server upgrade, code named Longhorn and informally referred to as the Vista server, will likely ship during the second half of 2007.

The company has said it would ship in 2007 but did not provide this guidance in the past.

The company is expected to release the next "near feature complete" beta in the very near future, Muglia said, and will release the next major server beta that incorporates all necessary Vista client changes this fall."

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I noticed when I launched Windows Longhorn Server build 5308 setup from within Windows XP Professional, a notification on the setup dialog said, upgrading from Vista Enterprise Server is not supported.


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The Future Of Windows – Windows Blackcomb

From Information Week
"Not many concrete details about the next next-generation version of Windows have been made public. Code-named Windows Blackcomb, this OS will replace Windows Vista.

Blackcomb (also named after that Canadian ski resort) was originally scheduled to be the successor to Windows XP, but the company decided to release Windows Vista in the interim while they focus on more ambitious changes for Blackcomb.

According to Internet rumors, Microsoft sources have indicated that Blackcomb’s goal will be nothing short of a radical rethinking of the way users interact with their PCs. This will probably entail a complete replacement of the Start menu and Taskbar, as well as the entire Explorer shell.

Blackcomb should feature two technologies originally planned for Vista but removed because of time constraints: the WinFS file storage system, and a new command-line scripting language known as the Microsoft Command Shell (code name Monad). Not surprisingly, the OS will also include bolstered security features.

The current release date for Blackcomb is thought to be somewhere around 2011 or 2012, but Microsoft isn’t saying for sure."

Read more about the 20 years of Windows here

Yes, its immature and fannatical to even be posting about this version of Windows especially with Windows Vista/Longhorn Server still in early development, I can’t help it, thats just me.


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Here’s how to get Longhorn beta 1

Here is an interesting way to apply for the Windows Longhorn BETA 1 Program:
Jim Allchin just sent out this picture of the efforts of an unnamed customer who’s really keen to get Longhorn beta 1.

I need to get those creative juices rolling, unfortunately, the person still did not get in.


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From ActiveWin


" will be attending the Longhorn Lab summit in Redmond on Thursday and Friday to discuss the new Longhorn OS with other key influencers and the Windows product group. Most, if not all, of the information will be under wraps, but we will share what we are able to. Stay Tuned!"


I can’t wait!


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