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My ActiveWin Preview of Windows 8

I recently had the opportunity of publishing my experience with the Windows 8 Developer Preview released at the Build Developer Conference in September of 2011. Using the OS daily for 5 months has give me some key perspectives about Microsoft’s next major upgrade, here is a snippet:

I start this preview of the next version of Windows with a bit of hesitation. The reason is very clear; Windows 7 has been good for my PC’s and it has been good for the industry. Microsoft really went back to the fundamentals with that release by listening, not assuming. OEM’s and consumers (we) played a great roll in the design and performance of Windows 7. Windows 8 promises to be a different story, although I expect Microsoft to continue to involve us and the industry in the development of this upgrade, Microsoft does want to have a more innovative input on the new OS. This of course might ring some alarms, because when we look at the history of Windows successes and perceived failures, it’s a bit fluctuating to be honest with you. These of course are likely coincidences, but let us take a look anyway:

  • Windows 2000 – Industry accepted

  • Windows ME – Industry panned

  • Windows XP – Industry accepted

  • Windows Vista – Industry panned

  • Windows 7 – Industry accepted

  • Windows 8 – ?

To learn more, read the entire preview HERE


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