Windows 7 build 7077 is out in the wild!

Arstechnica discovers another pre-RC build of Windows 7 which does not show any noticeable changes from the last build that leaked, build 7070.

“As you can see above, screenshots of Windows 7 build 7077 have started to appear around the Web. There are also reports that the 32-bit version has been leaked and is readily available on various websites. Nevertheless, a good source has told me there are no noticeable differences between build 7068 and any of the 707x builds. This is much more important than the information leak of build 7070, though it’s not immediately apparently. In the "About Windows" dialog box, there isn’t an actual build string as we’ve seen in previous interim builds. It simply says "Version 6.1 (Build 7077)." The only other build we’ve seen this for is in the beta build released to the public (which also was leaked before Microsoft gave the download to testers): "Version 6.1 (Build 7000)."

The Windows 7 Team today discussed their strategy for preparing customers and testers running the officially released build 7000 for the Release Candidate. The Windows 7 Team also confirmed that build to build upgrades are not a supported testing scenario. If you would like to prepare your partition on which you currently have the beta installed on for RC, please check it out here.

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