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A round up from around the web of all the Windows 7 news today

What a day this has been. Microsoft’s second day of the Professional Developers Conference started off with a bang. Not only did Ray Ozzie (Microsoft Chief Software Architect introduce Windows 7, but they gave a sweet demo of all its new features. Windows 7 promises to change all the wrong perceptions about the platform and give businesses, developers and consumers a rich, complete computing experience. One thing is for sure, I must get a Tablet PC, because the new interface is geared toward working with touch surfaces. Don’t worry, the traditional point and click approach is still there and even more powerful now. Anyway, I have aggregated a list of great content from around the web about Windows 7, here is a long list that should keep well occupied for hours.

Lets start off with ActiveWin’s 25 page review which I was happy to help author, in addition from other enthusiast web sites: Microsoft Windows 7 Pre Beta M3 Build 6801 Preview Microsoft Windows 7 Pre Beta M3 Build 6801 (PDC2008) Screenshots


* Windows 7 Home Page on
* Microsoft Delivers Pre-Beta Release of Windows 7 to Developers and Previews New Web Applications Based on Office Software
* Microsoft Announces the Next Version of Windows Embedded Standard to Be Built on Windows 7
* The Complete Windows Experience – Windows 7 + Windows Live
* How Libraries & HomeGroup Work Together in Windows 7

Ed Bott – A first look at Windows 7’s pre-beta PDC release
Neowin – Introducing the Windows 7 UI
WinSupersite – Windows 7 Preview
The Windows Blog – Notes on the Windows 7 Demo from Today’s PDC Keynote
eWeek – Windows 7 a Big Improvement over Vista
PC Magazine – Inside Windows 7 Pre-Beta


Mary Jo Foley – Windows 7: What’s coming for business users
The Windows Blog – Windows 7 Unveiled Today at PDC 2008
OSNEWS: Overhauling the Windows Interface
CNET: Will Windows 7 be a better Vista?

Ars@PDC: Steven Sinofsky on Windows 7 and netbooks


Microsoft Professional Developers Conference 2008 Virtual Pressroom
Windows 7 Reviewers Guide (PDF)
Windows 7 At A Glance (PDF)
Windows 7: Pre-release privacy statement
Windows 7 Software Logo Program for Client
Windows Media Center in the PDC Build of Windows 7

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Introducing Windows 7 – ActiveWin

Here is a look at the new Windows Desktop that focuses on integrating new experiences such as Touch, while improving the traditional point and click philosophy.

The new Windows Desktop

The improved Start menu with Jump List for better interaction your applications.

Check them out HERE

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New Taskbar coming in Windows 7?

From WinFuture via NeoWin

Microsoft has been busy today announcing a new developer platform at PDC 2008. Yet the big topic on everybody’s mind is Windows 7.

I was just browsing the web when I came across two screenshots said to be Windows 7 with a slightly different Taskbar.


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The Week in ‘7’ – Oct. 22 – 25th 2008.

Its been a busy week for Windows 7 news around the web and its not a surprise actually, since this Monday Microsoft’s most anticipated Developers Conference (PDC 2008) will bring individuals from around the world to witness where Microsoft is heading with the platform. The big topics of course Windows 7, Windows Live, Windows Cloud and .NET is on everybody’s mind. Well, I can’t be there, so I will just have to stay at home and enjoy the show from within Internet Explorer. Anyway, here is a recap of the week in 7 with interesting stories, opinions and rumors about Microsoft’s next version of Windows. Bob Stein of will be at PDC 2008 this week covering the event with interviews so make sure you check the site for regular updates.

Windows 7 Logo Requirements now available –

Sharp eye reader Long Zheng just posted about the availability of the Windows 7 Logo requirements. Microsoft is on a aggressive move to get third party ISV’s ready for this major update of Windows. No doubt this also applies to IHVs and there conference is just little bit after next weeks PDC.

Windows 7 on Netbooks and Office 14 in the web browser? – CNET

CNET’s Ina Fried is making some early speculation about information concerning Windows 7’s support on the new notebook form factor called Netbooks, which are miniature laptops, small screen, keyboard preloaded with either Windows XP or Linux. That’s probably the disadvantage for Microsoft right now, Netbooks are not running Windows Vista because it requires more memory and processing power than what is available in a Netbook, not to mention hard disk space. An ASUS CEO said in an interview recently that his Company will have Windows 7 on a future version of the Eee PC in the second half of 2009 with Touch capabilities.

Critical Security Update for Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003/2008, Vista and Windows 7 Pre-BETA

Quote: This vulnerability was reported after the release of Windows 7 Pre-Beta. Customers running Windows 7 Pre-Beta are encouraged to download and apply the update to their systems. On Windows 7 Pre-Beta systems, the vulnerable code path is only accessible to authenticated users. This vulnerability is not liable to be triggered if the attacker is not authenticated, and therefore would be rated Important.

Two new Official Microsoft Windows 7 Blogs are ready

Mary Jo foley talks about two new Microsoft blogs dedicated to the next release of Windows, 7.

Windows 7’s release date spurs up speculation

Bloggers Ed Bott and Long Zheng have dugg up information about when the next version of Windows, 7 might be released to manufacturering. Of course, the speculated date given is no surprise, ‘November 2009’. Microsoft has always promised that Windows 7 would be available by late 2009, even Steve Ballmer identified this earlier in the year.

Other interesting news and opinions from around the web about Windows 7 and Microsoft:

Windows Vista Team Blog: Vista Service Pack 2 Confirmed
PCMag: Windows 7: A Turning Point for Microsoft?
NetworkWorld: 5 reasons why skipping Windows Vista could backfire
Up Next: Office 2007 SP2
Early glimpse of Office ‘14’ at PDC 2008
Yahoo! kills Yahoo! Messenger for Windows Vista

The Week in ‘7’ – Oct. 12 – 17. 2008.
The Week in ‘7’ – Oct. 7 – 10. 2008.

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Today is Windows XP’s Birthday – if anybody remembered

Vista is Microsoft’s current flagship version of Windows, but that doesn’t mean XP has been put out to pasture just yet. The operating system that brought new experiences in reliability and stability for consumers is 7 years old today. That’s a long time in the software world. Thinking back to when the product RTMed in August 2001, I had just finished high school, the terrible tragedy of September 11, 2001 had occurred and then the Anthrax scare started happening, a whole lot was going on at the time. Windows XP over the years has grown into a beloved product and regardless of the bumps along the way such as Code Red, Nimda and Welchia that occurred in 2003, the product garnered a massive user base that is still strong.

Windows XP has seen numerous updates in its life in particular the security heavy Service Pack 2 that some would describe as a brand new release of the in itself. Looking back at its development history, Windows XP formerly code name Whistler was targeted as a major release building on the fundamentals of Windows 2000, not introducing incompatibilities and bringing the investments that consumers and businesses made in Windows 9x and Windows NT into the new millennium. Today’s Internet at the time was in its infancy the plethora of blogs dedicated to Windows today was quite small although there were still major enthusiast web sites like, and WinSupersite around at the time giving us the latest details on what to expect.

Today, the information overload of Windows has reached a height of disbelief sometimes. Examples include the recent fiasco over Windows 7’s kernel version which was not even an issue for Windows XP which is NT 5.1. People cared about the fundamentals of Windows back then and a lot do today, but we have seen a shift in how Windows is perceived over the past couple years since Vista was released. Yet, still, Windows XP remains in the news with good commendation while its future successors try to communicate there amazing benefits in security, ease of use, features and reliability and advanced technologies like 64-bit computing and Multi-touch.

Windows XP is still available to OEMs through Media until January 2009 and the OS will continue to be supported on the new notebook form factors called Netbooks until 2010.

Happy B-day XP!

Windows XP Matures – 5 Years Later

Microsoft Windows XP Website
The GUI Gallery
ActiveWin: Windows XP Review


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Windows Vista Ultimate DreamScene Content Pack 4 is Finally here!

Wow, this was a long time coming, but its finally here. For the past couple of weeks now, I have been encountering problems trying to get the most recent Windows Vista Ultimate DreamScene Content Pack 4 to show in Windows Update. I don’t know what was causing the delay on my machine running Vista x64, but its now finally here.

Yep, its finally here.

Where are my Ultimate Extras and DreamScene Content Pack 4?

Microsoft releases new Ultimate Extras – Microsoft Tinker
Windows Vista Ultimate Extras
Ultimate PC
New Ultimate Extras: Microsoft Tinker and Dreamscene Content Pack 4


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Windows 7 Logo Requirements now available –

Sharp eye reader Long Zheng just posted about the availability of the Windows 7 Logo requirements. Microsoft is on a aggressive move to get third party ISV’s ready for this major update of Windows. No doubt this also applies to IHVs and there conference is just little bit after next weeks PDC.

The major highlights Long took the time to point out include:

  1. Install and uninstall cleanly
  2. Install to the correct folders by default
  3. Support x64 versions of Windows
  4. Follow User Account Control (UAC) Guidelines
  5. Do not load Services and Drivers in Safe Mode
  6. Digitally Sign Files
  7. Do not prevent an installation or application from launching because of OS version checking
  8. Prevent unnecessary reboots
  9. Support multiuser sessions
  10. Minimize application failures

I must say that 64-bit support is probably the most welcoming. Microsoft has been trying to get developers on this bandwagon for a long time and it looks like Windows 7 will be the golden brick road to Windows 64-bit compatibility and ubiquity. Some deep efforts have been made so far with Vista x64 and I have been an exclusive user of the platform since the OS RTMed in November 2006 and I have been using it since Build 5308 released in February of 2006.

Check out Long Zheng’s blog for more information here

Download the Windows 7 Logo Requirement Document here (Microsoft Word Docx format)


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